Jul 22

The Action Connection To Selling Insurance

You can’t sell insurance sitting in your home office twiddling your thumbs so you take the opposite approach. You network like a fiend, you make so many cold calls your finger tips are numb and your ear is red, and you pressure every single person you know to hold an appointment with you.

You’re already working way too many hours. In fact, if you got paid by the hour this would be the lowest paying job you’ve ever held in your life. And you still aren’t selling enough insurance to meet your financial goals.

So what do you do? You can’t work harder. You can’t work longer. The only thing you can do is change your approach to selling insurance.

You need a sane way to sell insurance that doesn’t require you to take all the actions. And that’s exactly what isn’t working now. You’re the one taking all the actions. Everything depends on you and the immediate actions you take.

If you want to sell more insurance than you’ve ever sold before and work less doing it you have to change the action connection. Right now all your focus in on the actions you take when your focus should be on the actions you trigger.

Have you ever either been the object of unwanted affection or the deliverer of unwanted affection? Right now you’re delivering unwanted affection in the form of attention all day every day. Now you know when someone is in hot pursuit rather than wanting that attention you’re far more likely to want to avoid that attention. That’s exactly what’s happening to you now because you’re the one doing all the pursuing.

You need to flip from pursuing to attracting. You need to focus on producing actions rather than taking actions to force action. So it’s kind of like a dating scenario.

If you were approached by a good looking stranger and they immediately asked if you’d like to elope you’d resist even though the other party is attractive. Well, when you approach a stranger and want an appointment its a very similar situation. The more you pursue and push for “yes” the more resistance you’ll get and the quicker you’ll get a “no”.

You can sell more insurance and avoid the unwanted resistance and work less if you’ll simply focus on attracting the right people and triggering action. You’ll need the right bait to attract the right people. The right bait will answer a question those people have, tell them more about something they want to know, or show them how to solve a problem they can’t figure out.

The more on target your bait the easier it is to trigger actions. Now when you trigger those actions rather than pursuing you’re the one pursued. And the easier it is to sell more insurance and do it with far less work than you do now.


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